What is CoasterFan2105?

CoasterFan2105 is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing you with some of the best videos of trains and railroads on the internet. Since 2008, CoasterFan2105 has provided high quality videos of trains and railroads on YouTube.  In 2013, the popular video series Trains Galore was launched.  Today, CoasterFan2105 is bigger and better than ever. It is one of the most popular YouTube channels for train videos with several videos reaching over a million total views. You will find videos of steam, diesel, and electric trains and just about everything in between. Videos are posted every Friday at 9:00 AM Pacific Time. If you have a YouTube account, be sure to subscribe so you are notified every time a video is uploaded. CoasterFan2105 is owned and maintained by Mike Armstrong. To contact Mike directly, please visit the contact page on this website.


YouTube Uploads

New videos are posted every Friday morning at 9:00 AM Pacific Time. Content varies, but certain types of videos are released on a somewhat regular basis. For instance, a new Trains Galore video is usually posted once every other month. CF2105 also has a narrated video series called Train Talk where Mike talks about a variety of different train and railroad related topics. These videos are typically released the first Friday of every other month, but this also varies depending on holidays or other planned uploads. Along with Trains Galore and Train Talk, CoasterFan2105 features a series of Toy Train videos. In addition to the regular Friday uploads, videos are also occasionally posted on Mondays at 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

Portland and Westerndsc_3924

About Mike Armstrong

My goal is to make train videos that everyone can enjoy. As a kid, I liked watching videos of trains that were professionally produced and I wanted to try making some of my own. I started making home videos of trains in 2002. Over the years, I improved my skills mostly through teaching myself along with the occasional film class here and there. When I found out about YouTube in 2007, I decided I would make an account so I could share my videos publicly. CoasterFan2105 was opened on September 20th, 2008. Since then, my video work has significantly improved as I strive to supply the best content I possibly can. I have also begun to branch out into special event video work. For any questions regarding that or if you have a railroad operation or brand that you would like featured on CoasterFan2105, contact me via the contact page.


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